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How MBA freelancers are helping startups and mid-size business to get their projects completed at lower cost?

What can MBA freelancers offer businesses?

MBAs, whether they have recently graduated or are still studying, have in-depth and up-to-date business knowledge and skills that small businesses are in need of. From as little as six months into a good MBA program, students will be able to offer insight and value to many small businesses and startups.

Finding management consulting solutions in this fashion can be very appealing to smaller firms, as it represents a significant saving as compared to hiring consultants from blue chip firms such as BCG, Bain, and McKinsey, due to the fact that they are self-employed individuals giving their time on an hourly basis. By cutting out the middle man – i.e. the agencies – infrastructure and marketing, costs are radically reduced because the only person getting paid is the freelancer doing the work.

Why MBA freelance work is a win-win?

There are a number of factors making freelance work equally appealing to both MBA graduates and contemporary businesses. With the economic climate as it is, MBA graduates, despite the investment they have made in their education, may not be able to jump straight into a job as soon as they graduate from business school. The advice often given is to gain as much experience as possible during your studies in order to make the transition into the business world smoother and easier for modern employers who dislike taking risks. Freelance work is a perfect way to gain new skills and emphasize existing ones in a non-traditional post-MBA environment, as well as to evidence actual business success and career initiative.

Where I can get MBA freelances?

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