In today’s times, it is very important to be career-oriented. Education and literacy are mostly obtained to land up with a respectable job in future. Students can think of many careers which can help them achieve their goals and lead a good lifestyle. There are a number of exciting yet rewarding jobs, but all include some sort of a risk factor. Those who wish to earn a science degree can opt for a number of courses in the field of medicine and engineering. The students must choose the right path for themselves and walk on it steadfastly to achieve their preferred goal.

A very promising career option in today’s times is civil engineering. Civil engineering involves building and construction of roads, bridges, buildings, airports, dams, tunnels, sewage systems, water works, ports etc. It is a job which comes with a lot of responsibility and therefore requires a lot of parameters which need to be fulfilled to acquire this post. A very high standard of engineering knowledge is required, plus administrative and supervisory skills are also needed. Not only academics, but maintaining, planning and construction skills have to be achieved to be a successful civil engineer.

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Engineering colleges offer these courses to those who have continued with their studies in the field of science. It is important for the students of civil engineering to have a very good knowledge of science and mathematics. Resource feasibility is an important quality in such engineers, other important aspects of this job are planning, site investigating and designing. A good civil engineer has to make a number of quick decisions. This means that the decision making power plays a very important role, since a number of emergencies come up at the site every now and then. Taking care of the guidelines made by the government, in regards to construction is very important, or else the construction company has to pay a high price.

Civil engineering has a number of branches, which are related to water resources, structures, constructions, environments, geo-technology, transportation, etc. The job mostly requires working in teams; therefore a good sense of co-ordination is also required. The most important quality in a civil engineer is to be responsible. A civil engineer is directly responsible for safety of the public and public welfare. Prioritising safety is a prerequisite in every engineer. Safety precautions and measures must be taken before planning any blueprint of a construction. Potential hazards must be looked out for, and precautions must be exercised against them. Natural hazards should also be kept in mind before making the layout of any project. All these points must be taken care of to avoid any hazards or accidents.

Therefore engineering courses should take care not only of academics but also the overall the moulding of the engineer, making them responsible and diligent. The job of a civil engineer is very respectable; those who work hard can achieve a lot of success in this field.


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Some of the reasons for choosing civil engineering as a career:

Civil engineering is a career, which will not have any decline in the field of employment. Since every country is striving for growth and development, there will always be needs of newer bridges, flyovers, dams, buildings, monuments, landmarks, roads, ports, airport etc. So there will definitely be a need for those who specialize in the building and construction of these concrete structures. There will always be a need of civil engineers and so, those opting this as their chosen career, need not be disheartened by the inflations and deflations in the economy. Jobs will be available to those who wish to make a contribution to the infrastructure of a given city or country.

There are many specialized areas in the field of civil engineering. So there is always a place for those engineers who are knowledgeable and have the ability to lead from the front. Those with leadership qualities along with excellent competence in the field can definitely hope for a bright future in this zone of engineering. While some engineers have the job of supervision, some are vested with the responsibility of design, some focus on the construction. So this division of labor leads to growth of newer vacancies, for those who specialize in the various fields.

The best thing about being a civil engineer is the handsome pay. The salary provided to engineers who have devoted their life in the building of concrete structures in quite rewarding. Though the job involves a lot of decision making, toils, responsibility and hard work, the pay cheque helps in forgetting all the hurdles. The initial pay for civil engineers is very good, and those who are promoted to higher posts, receive a much higher salary. Plus the prospects of promotions are pretty high for those who work fervently.

Since there is always a dearth of good engineers who are honest and competent, there is always vacancy and demand for hardworking civil engineers. Engineers with a good sense of architectural techniques can always get a good and high paid job. Many companies look for engineers who have a knack of making the best use of resources while abiding by the guidelines of the government. Those who are honest to their work and are willing to work hard to achieve their goal can always land up with a rewarding job, which has scope for promotions in posts and raise in payment.

The job of a civil engineer is very respectable, and brings with itself a great sense of pride and satisfaction. Those who land up with such a job are respected by the people in the society. The admiration of young and old alike is like a boost to the confidence level.

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Civil engineering is a very good field of study for those who are willing to devote their time to construction. It is not an easy job and involves a lot of commitment, the hurdles are many but those who can make it to the end are deserving winners.

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