Week 17 : Interview with Mr. Bojja, CEO and founder at MySuper Brain.com

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This week we bring interview with Mr. Bojja, CEO and founder at MySuper Brain.com. 

Disclaimer : IIMnet is organizing digital media contest for MySuperBrain and has commercial interest behind the event.

You can participate in the event and might be eligible for total prize money of Rs 50,000.00 . Please find details at http://www.iimnet.com/digital-marketing

About MySuperBrain.com

MySuperBrain aims to provide students opportunities to discover their skills and improve their skills so that the all-rounder in every student can be brought out. We want students to get exposure to the world around them and not just limit themselves to textbooks and exams.


Interview with IIMnet editorial team and Mr. Bojja can be downloaded by clicking here

Q 1) IIMnet team : Tell us your story and a bit about the team. What is your educational background? Why did you startup? Why education?

Ans ) Mr Bojja:

About the Team : MySuperBrain.com was founded by two IIM Kozhikode Alumni – Raghavendar Reddy Bojja and Yuvaraju Atmakuri. Raghavendar has completed his MS in the USA and worked for a year in an MIT graduates founded start-up. Yuvaraju has had teaching experience for a very long time and is studying psychology post his MBA from IIM K. We have a doctor in the team. Our Business development manager is an entrepreneur from Chennai with experience in diverse companies.

Why education

We wanted to do something in the field of education because it is one area where we can make a huge impact in a lot of lives. The satisfaction that we get from this industry cannot be had in any other industry. It pains us to see students labeled failures at the age of 10 -12 based on their academic performances. We have had cousins, uncles & aunts tell us that their kids are no good because they don’t get the top ranks in their class. There are many parents who are doing the same.

Internet has disrupted a lot of domains, but unfortunately, K-12 education still lags behind. K – 12 learning still has quite a few problems – lack of quality teachers, out dated curriculum, single minded focus on rote learning etc. There is no platform that a parent or a teacher or a student can use to get answers to all their questions. For us, it is a no-brainer. We need one easy to use platform for K-12 education.

Why start -up

We wanted to do something on our own. There can never be a better time to have a start-up than now. We are passionate about what we are doing and cannot imagine not having started up.

We hope that 5 years down the line some student would come to us and tell us that mysuperbrain.com has helped him discover his latent skills.

2) What are you aiming to do?

Our aim is to provide students opportunities to discover their skills and improve their skills so that the all-rounder in every student can be brought out. We want students to get exposure to the world around them and not just limit themselves to textbooks and exams.

Parents complain about the stress at their work places, but don’t seem to understand the stress that their kids are put under. Every student needs to reenergize after a hectic day at the school and that need not be by playing a racing game or shooting game on the internet. It could be through more constructive options.

We make students more knowledgeable by providing articles on various topics (Number skills, science, GK, leadership and science, as of now. Many more topics are in the pipeline.) We have educational games that help students improve their skills in number crunching, verbal ability, creativity, geography, logical reasoning etc.

The most important aspect of MSB is recognition. Students rarely get enough easily accessible opportunities to showcase their skills in different areas like writing, projects, painting, music, out of the box thinking, social impact, technology etc. On MSB, students would be able to grab those opportunities at their own convenience thereby improving their confidence levels and motivating them to achieve more in life.

3) What is your revenue model?


Freemium Model:

Free Users: Any student can go to the website and register for free and use the website as a free user. Our aim is to get students to use the website and benefit from the website.

Premium Users: At a nominal price of Rs. 720 per year, students can get the premium account. Premium users get a report on their performances under various intelligences and also expert feedback on the work submitted by them. We have also added quiz analysis for premium accounts. Students from different parts of the world participate in the quizzes and very rarely do they get to know what their areas of strength are. Premium users will get this feature too


Annual membership fee of Rs. 720. You can check out the sample copy at http://www.mysuperbrain.com/exalt.html

4) How do you market MySuperBrain?

We primarily depend on schools to market the product. Schools allow us to reach more students at a time. We are also starting a school page where schools can talk about the achievements of their students, activities conducted in the school and anything else they do to improve skills in students and help them become all-rounders. Students become the ambassadors of the school. It helps the schools, students and even us.

Retail: Over the last month, we have had some good results even in the retail sales. A lot of parents have been very supportive. A satisfied customer is our best marketer.

5) How has the content been generated?

We have had to depend on a lot of freelancers so far. We have ourselves chipped in with some of the content.

6) What are the obstacles you face?

A lot of principals are still very reluctant to change. Schools generally have a very long sales cycle. As a start-up, we do not have enough resources yet to be able to regularly stay in touch with all the schools.

7) What are the plans for the future?

From the site’s perspective, we are always working on adding new, exciting and extremely useful features to help the students improve their all-round skills. We want to get to 1mn users by February next year. We are working on marketing our product in the US too. We have had encouraging response from the initial trials we have done and would start full-fledged marketing soon.

We want to be the biggest platform for K - 12 learning in the world. We want to be a place where a student can learn new things everyday and grow. The focus is on learning and providing them opportunities to learn from experts in different places and also to widen their horizon by looking at the works of students from across the globe.

We are working with schools to be the all-round development partner of schools so that we can give students the highest quality material and thoroughly researched activities to improve their skills in multiple areas.

We are also working on a platform for school teachers, teaching enthusiasts or just about anyone who is good at something and wants to teach students to upload content on the site and get paid for it. Students and schools can browse the content available and pay for the content they want to use.

8) Any request to IIMNet.com users?

We would love to have more people on board – part time and full time. If there are guys (and even girls) out there who are interested in making mysuperbrain.com a better platform for students, teachers and parents, we would love to work with them.

We sincerely request the users to contact us so that we can build a great company.

I can be reached at bojjareddy@gmail.com or bojja@mysuperbrain.com by email. You can also call me up on 97013 20902

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