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HelpingDoc is a healthcare platform gives patients a chance to search best Indian doctor(s) and book doctor(s) appointment online.  Helpingdoc currently operates in Delhi, Haryana and UP (Noida & Ghaziabad) with plans to expand in many other centers in future.

Full interview transcript as follows:


1.   Tell us about yourself/founder(s) of your company?  What are your company roots? Who initially funded it? Was there any angel funding /PE/VC funding involved?

                                          Online Doctor Appointment, Book Doctor Appointment Online Delhi India

Photo : Mr Amit Bansal, Founder at

The venture was founded by UK based team comprised of Amit Bansal, Dr. Hemant Singhal, Julian Hall and Srinivas Gattamneni.

The idea was conceptualized during Entrepreneurship summer school at London Business School. The trigger was lack of structure in the healthcare space in India.

The venture was seed funded by the founders.

2.   How, when and why did you get started (what or when was ‘Eureka’ moment’) 
The idea took shape during an extensive survey we conducted in India to understand the healthcare needs of general public.

A common theme emerged that people are too busy to look after their health. And there is a pent-up demand to seek a good, trustable health practitioner. There is a feeling of helplessness and growing distrust with regards to corporate hospitals, and accessible healthcare practitioners.

In fact the survey was conducted to do a feasibility study for chain of health centers focused on selling ‘health’ and ‘general well being’,

3.   At what stage your company is in currently? ( for e.g. Pre-Seed>Early Seed Stage>Mid-Seed Stage>Later Seed Stage>Early Stage )

We are currently at Early stage. The service is up and running in Delhi/NCR, and has received a tremendous response from both doctors and patients. Very soon we’ll be expanding our services geographically.

4.   In 25 words or less, what are you all about? What problem do you solve and for whom?

The service is the most convenient, free way to find a doctor and book an instant appointment in Delhi/NCR

5.   What is call to action for following segments?

a.    Target Market Segment - Book instant online appointments with top doctors for free.


b.    Prospective Investors / VCs / Angels ( for e.g. please fund us we are willing to give 20% equity etc.) - Opportunity to invest in a well-positioned technology start-up in the Healthcare space in India.

6.   What makes your company special?  How is your product differentiated in the eyes of the consumer?
All doctors are pre-validated by the HelpingDoc team, and there is a live customer support for managing appointments.

The business’ primary objective is to create the most trusted service for finding and accessing a healthcare specialist.  

7.   How do you make money?  Who are your primary customers and why do they choose you?

We charge doctors a nominal monthly subscription fee to remain registered with us. The Doctors are choosing us because they are looking to enhance their online presence, get more patients, and need help in managing their patient flow.

8.   What are your marketing channels? How do you use social media for marketing? What are the platforms you primarily use for marketing? Have you outsourced your social media marketing or plans for future?

For Doctors, its primarily direct sales.
For patients, its SEO, SEM and SMO, and certain offline events and media channels such as FM and print.

9.   How big is your Business Development team? What is the current mix - purely technical vs MBAs? What are you plans for ramping up Business Development Team?

The business development team comprises of MBAs as well as people with Healthcare/Pharma background.

We are continuously looking to expand our team and are looking for good talent who are keen to work for a growing, promising startup.  

10.What are your dreams for your company?

The de-facto platform to seek a healthcare service!

11.What trends do you see heading into 2012 and beyond that are relevant to your industry and company?

The healthcare services and products are seeing huge upside.
Parallel growth of e-commerce and Internet mobility is fuelling this growth. 

12.What are the biggest challenges you are facing in scaling your business up?

Lack of available talent.

13.What’s the #1 to # 3 thing on your To-Do list?

Hiring talent, sourcing funds and growing the business – though not necessarily in that order.

14.This one is all you... Anything else you want to tell IIMnet community members?

India is exciting and full of buzz. We at HelpingDoc are loving each and every moment of our journey so far.
You can sign up to avail our services at 

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