The importance of an attractive CV is imperative in today’s competitive world.

It’s difficult, as one has to suffice all the necessary things, such as: experience, ambitions and skills all in one page. In addition to this, it has to have proper grammar and an orderly manner, while keeping in mind so that the CV does not look too mundane.

The aim is to send a clear message to the employers that the applicants are a potential candidate.

Before we start, let’s see what is a Curriculum Vitae/ CV


A CV is a document that has brief details of the skills you acquire, accomplishments and experiences that you have obtained etc. Your CV is the only way an employer can evaluate whether you are a good fit for the job profile or not.

Everyone needs to prepare a CV before applying for internships and/or jobs. The objective behind an attractive CV is to show the potential employers that although you are new to the work force, you know that you are good.

With a strong CV, individuals can have better chances of standing out in a crowd and be noticed by the employers.  To improvise your skills you should go with for better preparation so that you can add those skills in your resume.

Now that you know the importance of the document, let’s see what does it look like?


No two CVs are alike. Although all of them need to follow a fixed set of guidelines and offer common set of information, it can be unique on its own.

But one has to remember that it should appear as formal and professional as possible. So don’t use fancy fonts and colored papers.

Recruiters prefer a concise CV of not more than a page. Recruiters often have to go through thousands of CVs for selecting candidates for an interview. So keeping it short and to the point would help in maintaining the recruiters’ patience.

For obtaining some ideas on CV writing, you might consider looking through various templates that come with word processing programs. There are also various templates, specimens and CV writing tips for college students, on the Internet and popular job portals.



What are the main points that should be included in your CV?


It needs to have multiple sections that give different genre of information of the candidate’s profile.

There are certain things that are absolutely necessary for a CV to have such as:

  1. Name of the candidate
  2. Contact number, email id, address
  3. An initial objective or a summary paragraph of a few lines (3-4 maximum)
  4. Total work experience information
  5. Internships or volunteering work and extracurricular activities details
  6. Complete details of education
  7. Skills (it is better to highlight the ones more that pertain to job profile in question)

Now that you have a clear picture of what a CV looks like, here are a few CV writing tips for college students like you.

CV Writing Tips

Although you might be thinking that there’s still some time to join the corporate world. But No. This is the right time to start preparing yourself for the potential jobs or internship opportunities, which will spring at you just as you get out of college.

A strong CV can help you stay ahead from your peers and offer you better chances.

  1. If you are unsure of the career goal or dream job position, give a brief qualifications summary first as opposed to putting an objective statement. It is important that you keep in mind to make the summary as brief as possible with a few hard hitting sentences to grab the reader’s attention.

One has to aim for projecting a clear picture of the value the candidate will offer to the potential recruiter.


  1. Place your education details at the top of the CV. Although most CVs have the academic details at the bottom of the page, but we suggest that you give the educational details the top billing position.





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