Time is the currency of the 21st century. Everyone

today is in a tremendous hurry. Our lives are beginning to be more micro and we only have a few seconds to get to know people.


                        Why for certain people success is way of life? After all having excellent track record, thoughtfully scripted resume, even then something amiss, should one blame on lady luck, is this competition is killing you, yes to rise in career you’ve to raise the bar. Think for awhile, You are not buying a latest Car or TV rather a piece of status, you are fond of branded products, branded lifestyle why don’t you brand your resume find the hows and whys of it.




  • It’s an mix of layout, language, element of content, creative touch which  helps in optimizing your resume
  • Personal brand is about exposition that you are the only one, numero uno.
  • What is your passion at work? What jazzes you and makes you anxious to get to                                                      work each day? Seems fancy questions but very thought provoking one.
  • You’re writing a personal branding brochure scripting self esteem. Just let other people imagine it as a résumé. Branded Resume creates an aura about you.


  • Today's resume establishes a brand relevant to targeted employers. The branding in your cv should incarcerate most importantly your image.
  • Brainstorm on keywords and specific phrases. Contents in cv can be jotted with fresh & innovative methodologies; seeking self Branding is devising you.
  • Spell out the end results you delivered. Use hard numbers and percentages wherever possible to back up your claims.
  • Showcase your most important and compelling information at the top of page one, since this is the first, and possibly only, section that will be read.
  • With a few tweak, your resume can be a dynamic gizmo in your personal branding strategy. The answer to "tell me about yourself".
  • Your accomplishments are the foundation of your career brand and answers why you should be hunted out.


  • It’s been told not to write I, me words in resume but personal branding says define your brand value through various self introductory approaches.
  • Once you’ve realized the meaning and dedicated for brandizing yourself there is no looking back.
  •  Many however do not carry their brand over into their résumés. As a result, candidates walk into an interview room as just ink on manuscript
  •  The journey of personal branding begins form the job arena itself, It is only you translate your performance saga into a piece of paper that is your resume  



  • A promise of the value of the product…THAT IS YOU. You should always increase your visibility in your favoured circle.
  • Resume speaks about your presence in your job world. How much you are felt in your present organization, those who are most effective in building their brands combine the real with the virtual. They continue to write or speak publicly, attend events, seminars, conferences, training workshops volunteer for professional organizations; these are known as brand extension.


  • ·         Throw humility out of the window. There is a fine line between bragging and promoting-and you need to learn it-but it’s always better to err on the side of promoting your brand than not.
  • Represent the “present brand you.” Feel free to grow your resume online as well, by creating a webpage dedicated to it or blending it onto a blog.
  • You need a “brand you” mindset to succeed, not just getting a job, but keeping it and progressing in it. Think of yourself as the founder and CEO of Me, Inc.
  • Today resumes extend beyond paper to social networking sites as we speak HR is online searching for information about their latest candidates, the perception that will be incorporated into hiring decision. Ready or not. You inevitably are creating a personal Brand. Better to take some strategic steps.


  • Senior level position resumes are read in great length because no of applicants are less and position is very critical. Your career years are enough to earn brand value for you.
  • The biggest benefit of branded resume is you have shorter job searches with more quality interviews and receive better job offers with higher starting salaries.
  • Once you define your brand, refine it. It can be tarot card of your professional identity.
  • When you brand yourself properly, the competition becomes irrelevant.
  • Think twice where do your greatest talents lie? What makes you better at what you do than others doing the same job?
  • Promote your personal trademark instead of becoming solution to the unemployment; leave your foot prints to follow at the job front.
  • Resumes of frontrunners are always class apart, Best Personal Branding examples in resume writing are, whose authors have reached top positions in least possible career years, you too boost your resume thru Brand power.


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