I have my Linkedin profile, but I rarely visit to it, yes I have mentioned about job experience but in case of Linkedin Summary honestly speaking I don’t know what to write, how to write. In fact I don’t know the how to have add-value from it.

But Linkedin Summary is a unique location as it gives you an opportunity to say hello to your visitors. Make relationship with them by not only inviting them but to show your flavour & essence in to it, give life to it by injecting your personality to it.

We generally speak that your profile should be professionally written, but summary is a place where you can vent out your different facets of personality, your own ideas, your values , your work passions ,even your emotions but with a dash of enthusiasm.

Ideally your Linkedin Summary should be around 3–5 short paragraphs long and you’ve got 2,000 characters, so there’s plenty of space to be creative. Let’s start writing it…….

Master Story teller

Don’t worry about it; start your story with simple introduction about your career journey so far with a detail account of your areas of experience.

Awards & Accolades

I know you are a high performer and have got long list of awards but hold on rank them and just mention one or two the covetous ones  and off course with reasons.

Business Mantras

You have just not done your job down the years but also got some secret sauces share it audaciously with the world. Gut feeling yeah!

Add Colour to your life

Why don’t you exemplify your achievement by enjoying portrayal of significant photographs, videos, and slideshow presentations, Website links, Newspaper cuttings and your creative blogs?

Personal Scorings

Tell us about your school report card viz. MBTI Profile, Gallup Strengths, Enneagram Test to name a few.

Flip a Coin

Enough of business talks, getting bored have some spice of hobbies, CSR drive, voluntary engagements; globe-trotting and many more things just feel free.

Tampering with Temperament

Define yourself, be little bit philosophical, talk about your personal dogmas and doctrine but in relation to your domain area only.

Few Don’ts

Never ever give a slightest hint that you are scouting pastures for better career alternative. Never do bragging as they say success speaks of itself.

Last but not the Least

We are in the era of keywords, have a good collection of them as specialities or core expertise to make your Linkedin profile highly searchable.

Your Linkedin Summary is ready for the show and just see visitors flocking in, simply keep on updating it from time to time and rest is assured.

Myself Devdat, Professional Resume& Linkedin Profile Writer.My Email id is and M: +91 9811664625,

V: 29


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