It's a long weekend again, and this is where you should be headed!

We've just left Christmas and New Year's behind us, but it's hard to get over the holiday spirit with another long weekend right around the corner! If you're wondering how you should be spending the next long weekend, we've got the answer for you. IIMnetWORK is hosting its next meet as part of the Advantage India series in Bangalore, on January 17.

It's going to be a power-packed networking event with opportunities to meet and greet policy makers, mentors, VCs, and fast-growing start-up founders. After the grand success of the meet in Kolkata, the one in Bangalore should definitely top your list of things to do next weekend.

Here's a sneak peek into what you can expect at the event.

Thought-provoking panel discussions, featured start-ups and more

The event will have several thought-provoking speaker sessions by experts from different fields, including the IT Minister of Karnataka, Mr S R Patil. Some of the other speakers you will hear at the event include, Mr. Ganesh V (Vice President, Vertebrand & author of the book, The Underage CEOs), Mr. Rajendran Dandapanin (Director of Engineering, Zoho Corporation), and Dr. Vikram Venkateswaran (Marketing Leader for Digital Transformation & Digital Marketing Partner, DELL).

One man's vision through a million eyes

Those of you who've already been following the series of events as part of Advantage India, may be well aware that it draws inspiration from the book authored by the former President of India, Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam. The event in Bangalore is a great opportunity to meet Mr. Srijan Pal Singh, who co-authored the book with Dr. Kalam.

Having worked closely with Dr. Kalam, Mr. Singh is privy to the youth icon's vision for the country like no one else, and is sure to share several interesting anecdotes from their conversations with each other. In the book, Advantage India, Dr. Kalam and Mr. Singh speak of the potential impact of initiatives such as Swacch Bharat, and Make in India. They also speak of how smart cities, and the growth of digital literacy is critical to their vision of India. The event in Bangalore, will more specifically focus on the benefits of and challenges to establishing a digitally empowered India.

It will also showcase four featured start-ups and will be a like-never-before opportunity to meet entrepreneurs, VCs and peers. Needless to say, for everyone that attends, it's going to be Sunday well-spent!

If you haven't already got your passes here's where you can get it.

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