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This week we bring interview with founders of KoolKart - Suneil Chawla and Anupam Agarwal – both graduates from IIM Ahmedabad. Koolkart is India’s leading social shopping platform where you may find the coolest products and deals recommended by your friends and others in the Koolkart shopping community. Koolkart has a collection of 14 million products from over 180 online retailers. Always be on top of the latest trends in Fashion, Decor, Beauty, Gadgets and Books.  You can sign up for KoolKart by clicking here.


Interview with with founders of KoolKart - Suneil Chawla and Anupam Agarwal (IIM Ahmedabad Alumni)

  1. Who are the founders of your company?  What are your company roots?

Started in Sep, 2011, we are a 5 member team based out of Chennai. Anupam Agarwal and Suneil Chawla are the co-founders, both graduates IIM Ahmedabad.

  1. In 25 words or less, what are you all about?

Koolkart is India’s leading social shopping platform where consumers can amazing products recommended by friends and fellow-shoppers.

  1. What is call to action for your
    1. Customer market segment

Get a personalized shopping experience and discover amazing products from around the web. Read reviews and Compare prices across retailers to get the best deal.


  1. Prospective Partners

For boutique designers (apparel, jewellery, decor, etc) - Koolkart is a leading consumer discovery platform. Showcase your products on Koolkart for FREE, contact us at

  1. What problem do you solve?

All ecommerce sites spam consumers with irrelevant emailers. Koolkart customizes the online shopping experience based on the your tastes. Further, signing up using Facebook, you can connect with your friends and find out products being purchased and recommended by them, thereby replicating the experience of shopping offline with friends.

  1. How did you get started?

Anupam and I had always had discussions around startups right from the days in the dorm of IIM Ahmedabad. After 3-4 years working in banking and consulting, we decided it’s high time we pursue our entrepreneurial dreams of creating a world class experience for the Indian consumer.

Seeing ecommerce finally getting acceptance from Indian consumers, we saw the opportunity to create a national consumer focussed ecommerce brand over the next 10 years.

  1. What makes your company special?  How is your product differentiated in the eyes of the consumer?

We are the leading social shopping community for consumers in India. Want to find a book review by a friend? Want to check if your friend likes the phone he owns? Need to compare prices across retailers to get the best price? For many such questions, Koolkart is the best place to find an answer.

  1. How do you make money?  Who are your primary customers and why do they choose you?

Our revenue model is a mix of affiliate commission and margins on CPA. Our main
customers are fashion and home decor designers, small and mid-sized retailers and brands.

  1. What are your marketing channels? How do you use social media for marketing? What are the platforms you primarily use for marketing? Have you outsourced your social media marketing or plans for future?

We are focused on engaging the shopping community online, which automatically ensures that we get word-of-mouth publicity and virality on Facebook. We are optimizing Koolkart for the search engines so that consumers looking for reviews end up finding relevant reviews on Koolkart.

  1. How big is your Business Development team? What is the current mix - purely technical vs MBAs? What are you plans for ramping up Business Development Team?

We have 1 member in the business development team. As we interact with more fashion designers and home decorators, we will be adding 2-3 members to the team.

  1. What’s the #1 thing on your To-Do list?

Continuing to build an engaging community for shoppers on Koolkart

  1. What are your dreams for your company?

We would love to have every Indian who’s planning to shop online have Koolkart as his favourite go-to destination.

  1. What trends do you see heading into 2012 and beyond that are relevant to your industry and company?

Ecommerce is taking of in India in a big-way with millions of new consumers shopping online every month. This trend is only accelerating and we will soon see online websites gain large share from offline players. It’s still early days for Indian commerce. Very exciting days ahead.


  1. What are the biggest challenges you are facing in scaling your business up?

We are a bootstrapped company and the biggest challenge is to find innovative ways to reach out to the consumers without having to spend large amounts of money on mass media marketing.

We are tackling this challenge by focusing on the online shopper and building a website which really caters to his/her needs.

  1. This one is all you… Anything else you want to tell IIMnet community members?

We are continuing to innovate to give shoppers the best experience online. Please view a demo video at and get the Koolkart button for your browser. We will be very excited to have you join the Koolkart shopping community.  



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