Growth of IT Software Jobs in India

The boom in India’s Information Technology (IT) industry has started from the late nineties, and

from a GDP contribution of 1.2% in 1998 it has increased tremendously to a 7.5% in 2012. The Rise in the IT industry has also led to a number of entrepreneurs in the country, marking it amongst the list of technologically innovative countries of the world. The IT industry of India basically is composed of two components – IT services and Business process outsourcing (BPO).

With India becoming an emerging market in the IT sector, there is a growing demand in the world for sourcing IT services. According to India Brand Equity Foundation (IBEF), this sector ranks fourth in the country’s total Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and accounts for approximately 37 percentage of total Private Equity and Venture investments. The USP about India’s outsourcing market is that it is around 3-4 times cheaper than the US market and this leads to around 690 – 70 percent of cost savings.

The IT software industry in India started with the foundation of Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) by

TATA Group for software development services in India in 1968. Now it has grown to be one of the

biggest companies in IT software with a turnover of more than $10 billion. By the start of the

nineties and big boom of jobs in Indian IT industry, there were a number of key players in the market like Wipro, Patni Computer Systems and Infosys. Later in the turn of the century India has

established itself as a growing leader in this field and numerous global and niche IT companies have

been established to cater to the growing demands of outsourcing and the country’s IT needs.

Before the liberalisation reforms in 1991, of the Indian government had strict control over the

private business entities and the internet lines were in control with the government. After the

reforms and the creation of Software Technology Parks (STP), the majority of the hurdles faced by

the companies were overcome. This enabled the IT companies to directly transmit work done

without any interference; reducing the cost incurred.

With the reforms and better human resources in this sector, India is now an IT hub of the world.

With highly skilled professionals coupled with the knowledge of the latest programming languages

and good environment for growth, the IT software sector of India is expected to grow at a very fast


There is a number of IT software related opportunities for those who have good skills. But here we

will discuss some of the most basic and important job profiles related to the IT software industry

that is on great demand in India.

IT /Software Developer

According to Wikipedia, the definition of a software developer is “A software developer is a person

concerned with facets of the software development process.” Software developers are basically

associated implementing their coding/programming skills to develop a software system for

commercial purposes. Software developers are involved in all the processes of software

development from design to coding.

Software Designer

The basic responsibility of a software designer is to collaborate with software developers to create specific software that meet the requirements of the client. Before the start of developing of the product, the designers look into all the aspect of the feasibility of the project from the product’s efficacy to client’s satisfaction. The make the layout or the blue print of how the software is going to turn out after development process.

Project Managers

Project managers not only guide the software professionals in the full software development cycle

but also act as business analysts that help the managers and company leaders in making good

decisions related to technology. Projects managers are usually those who have some years of

experience in the It software industry and has hands-on experience in programming. The project

managers also work in tandem with the technology vendors and consultants to make the project

more efficient.

IT Consultants

Most of the companies nowadays outsource their IT requirements to third party consultants. These

IT consultants help to manage all their IT administration and support functions like deploying,

managing and troubleshooting their software products. This is done by big corporate to reduce the

cost as the system tends to get centralised.

The IT software market of India is still at a growing stage and there will be huge opportunities in the

future for highly skilled professionals. If you have good software skills you can expect a high growth

rate in this industry.

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