Armed with domain knowledge, you can impress upon by simply increasing the speed or dynamism of your CV content

Break the rule of normal Resume writing and astonish the Hiring Manger within first half of first page by banging with your best achievement

Remember war of talent is on……..

Why everybody doesn’t rise fast in career ladder?

Why sought after age for CEOs are 40s?

Just because they dreamt to become face of the company at very young age.


Speed is attractive.

We find their speed is inspiring, energy motivating, and passion is intoxicating.

As a result we naively believe that they’ve got the formula for success; that they are doing it “right.” speeding toward their dreams –

Today virtually we are meeting with each other, Thanks to the technology

Today we expect meeting each other based on our extended written document(Resume)

Rising fast in career is different but writing it with speedy manner is different

When you give feeling of speed in the CV that means you are something above average

After all what is speed in resume, off course it is not for those only who have got “fast promotions” but speed means within one n half page or in two pages how you are going to organize the facts about  you  in a very systematic way, connecting the dots to give the complete the picture.

Remember perfect summarizing is the name of the game

Therefore speed does not entail for resume with fast promotions

Try to study the CV of fresh MBA pass out, who has grabbed best campus offer you will realize the importance speed.


¨       Give speed to your resume in the first page itself by mentioning best 2-3 achievements of your whole career trajectory

¨       If you have grown in a single company showcase it as your consistency distinctively

¨       If you have grown to senior level in a shortest  possible time span in spite of changing companies express it stepwise

¨       Never mix roles n achievements while mentioning achievements give priority to sentences substantiated by figures

¨       Then comes implementations or conceptualizations initiated  by you

¨       You never launch a product, company always launches it but you emphasize it by underlining your specific contributions, that way search n highlight your involvement.

¨       Before delving into job profile and achievements it is always good to start with 2/3 challenges, it presents very honest documentation about you

¨       Recruiters across the world are  faced with the single most challenge to locate specialization or technical forte of the candidate in the Resume, Many  a times candidates unaware to highlight it or purposely hide it result is bypass the profile.

Even CEO of a company has some specific core competence beside General Management skill give voice to it.


¨       First page is the only launching pad to take off, give full throttle to it.

¨       I have come across many a times when candidates requests me please add few more lines to my resume because there is emptiness to it. Sadly they don’t understand even CV asks for breathing space because many heavy things are written there.

¨       It is my personal feeling again candidates requests me that or in other words according to them there are few quite common job roles to a particular kind of job which they share in their resumes while in discussion well I am advocate of carving a personal niche

¨       Talk about your skill set, after formal introduction but do not waste space n time in explaining several common professional competencies as perceived by the HR heads the “copied ones”.

¨       Simple formula for writing sentences, I was assigned to manage…., just write -Assigned to manage….. Another example, I was awarded best team leader…., simply write- Awarded best team leader….

Write just single sentence while defining yourself,better take help of your peers.

Best seller books are written in lucid n racy manners why not yours.

With the spirit of innovation redefine the realm of fine resume writing and there will be sea change in quality of response.

Devdat kr. is a Professional Resume writer. He may be contacted  thru devdat23@gmail.com.

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