Executive MBA – the Beneficial B- School Interlude for Professionals

Executives MBA are fast catching among the Indian student fraternity. The following post explores the significance of pursuing an Executive MBA. Read on to know more.


Are you busy professional and work very hard to rise up the ladder of success? Did you ever consider pursuing a short-term MBA that can accelerate your professional career further? If so, then Executive MBA is your answer. An executive MBA programme can turn out to be boon for your professional career path.

Why Executive MBA?

The biggest advantage that an Executive MBA provides is the time duration. An integrated course, Executive MBAs end up pursuing the entire management course within a span of one year; while some experts and management gurus speculate the actual significance of the degree, nonetheless, Executive MBAs happen to be one of the popular choices for working professionals in India. This can be gauged from the fact that, several top B-Schools in India offers Executive MBA programs. Names of these schools include IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Calcutta, IIM Bangalore, XLRI Jamshedpur and others. 

Popularity of Executive MBA in India

Of late, such courses have started attracting students from various backgrounds thus giving it a more diverse touch. While earlier an Executive MBA registered students from management and IT background, today students from diverse background join the course; this spans right from marine engineering to media, retail, shipping, telecom and even advertising. Needless to say that with such a varied composition of students, the experience which the course opens up is exceptionally fruitful; In the words of Piyush Kumar Sinha, Professor of Retailing and Marketing at IIM Ahmedabad, "As students come from varied backgrounds and five to ten countries, it's a platform for us to learn from them as well."

Top B-Schools

Top five B-Schools in India from where one can pursue Executive MBA are:

      IIM Ahmedabad

      IIM Bangalore

      IIM Calcutta

      ISB, Hyderabad

      XLRI, Jamshedpur

IIM Lucknow started its 27-month Working Manager’s Programme (WMP) in 2005 followed by International Programme in Management for Executives (IPMX). IIM Ahmedabad and IIM Calcutta launched their Executive MBA programmes in 2006. ISB Hyderabad inaugurated its Executive MBA wing in 2009.

However, unlike Executive MBAs in other countries, most Executive MBA programmes in India require to take a year off from work to complete their degrees. ISB, Hyderabad has started allowing its students to work – which is an exception in this field. Classes are held on week-long stretches. Moreover, as a part of their international exposure and expansion programme, students are sent to Wharton College, US and also for a short-term course in Brazil.

Enrollment in the Executive programmes has shot up considerably over the last few years. Most institutes have begun considering increasing the number of seats in their Executive MBA programmes. IIM Lucknow’s Noida campus started its Executive MBA programme with only 60 students and today it has 120 students. Its IPMX course started with only 45 students in 2008 and now it has 70 students. IIM Calcutta’s PGPEX programme is also considering further expansion

Demand for Executive MBA

While an executive MBA sharpens the skills further of the candidates, it also ensures that they complete any kind of missing link in the career path. Returns on investments are usually quite high which definitely gives such candidates an edge while they go back to the industry.

Recruiters are also on a look out for a professional who is well groomed and has plenty of knowledge about any particular industry. ISB’s executive programme has recorded a high jump in its placements. Though the Executive MBA program has become popular, it is yet to reach up to the level or the status that it enjoys in Europe.

Return on Investments

So, how do the student fraternity comprising this populace benefit? While MBA is still considered one of the major degrees that can earn you a good place in your professional career; after completing an Executive MBA students go back to the industry as CTOs and COOs. Since candidates have prior experience funding the course becomes easier followed by a higher salary package during placements is definitely an icing on the cake. It’s definitely worth giving a shot!

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