Employee Separation - Primary Reasons for Resignation

Resignation is a notification given by an employee to the employer to express his or her unwillingness to continue their services with the company. Resignation letter needs to be hand-written. However, in the 21st century, companies are accepting resignation via email. Oral resignation or resignation via text message is NOT acceptable. Resignation letter must have a reason (s) for separation.

If we list them down, we might come across 100's of reasons for separations by resignation; however, broadly those reasons can be classified into FIVE categories, as listed below.

1. Better Opportunity - Over 90% people working at lower and middle level leave their jobs for higher salaries or for higher positions in the hierarchy in other organization. No one has ever resigned from their existing jobs without having an alternate offer in hand. It is only then when you have a substitute job in hand that you begin to realize that your boss in the current organization is biased and a bully OR that the HR Department of the organization and company policies sucks OR the Management is lethargic and your future in the organization is dark.

2. Challenging Role - About 60% people at senior level leave their current job for challenging roles. These are the type of roles that involves bigger span of control, bigger geographical area to manage (e.g. Country Head or Head of Asia-Pacific Region), entering into new marketing (e.g. Greenfield Operations), new product line, or to create something new and different (e.g. creating a new company).

3. Family Commitments - Some people resign from their current job to take a career break to fulfill their family commitments (e.g. to start a family or to raise their family) or to be with their family (e.g. relocating to a different location). Over 75% female employees and less than 20% male employees leave their existing jobs for family commitments.

4. Higher Education - There are also those employees who resign to take career break from their current jobs to continue with their higher or advanced studies or to get involved in a research work. These are the employees who couldn't complete their education because of their family commitments and now lack of education is posing hurdle in their career advancement.

5. Sexual Harassment or Workplace Bullying- Although, we do not accept it in open or on public forums but sexual harassment at workplace and workplace bullying are common trends in the corporate world of today. Courageous people fight it out or seek help from appropriate authorities and law to fight it out, while others either accept it as part of their job or resign from the job, either to take break or to find another job. Percentage of people who resigns due to these reasons has been increasing at alarming rate.

Seeking better opportunities or challenging role is not an offense. However, care must be taken to practice honesty at the time of separation due to resignation. No attempt shall be made to spoil professional relations with your current employer. You might need their reference in future. Ours is a small world and the corporate world is much smaller.

Bad practices of tendering letter of resignation-

1) Do not resign when you are on onsite assignment or project.

2) Do not resign immediately after returning from long leave.

3) Do not give ambiguous reasons for resignation, instead, be specific and clear.

4) Do not lie.

5) Do not resign with immediate effect. Resignation with immediate effect is a myth and is not accepted.

This write-up is an attempt to list down primary reasons of employee separation by resignation. Doesn't matter what reason people give in their resignation letter, however, all reasons fall in any of the above mentioned categories.

Share your feedback or write to us, in you have any queries.

Composed By: Sanjeev Himachali

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