Dubai: A Popular Job Destination for Expat Jobseekers

The United Arab Emirates (UAE), particularly Dubai, is a popular job destination for expat job seekers, particularly for Indians. The key reason is the availability of numerous lucrative job opportunities in the different fields as well as the tax-free income. Recently, Six IIM graduates are placed in Dubai with lucrative pay packages. The article will talk more about this and mention some points why Dubai is a right job destination for Indian students.

The UAE, which includes seven constituent emirates (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Umm al-Quwain, Ajman, Ras al-Khaimah, and Fujairah), is known as the most popular job destination in the Middle East. Dubai and Abu Dhabi are the most attractive cities of the wider region, followed by Doha.

Several employment surveys have confirmed that the UAE, particularly Dubai, is expected to generate several new job opportunities, particularly due to the Dubai Expo 2020 win. Retail, telecom, healthcare, investment, banking and financial sectors offer excellent employment opportunities. 

When it comes to specialization, Masters in Business Administration (MBA) has emerged as one of the highest paying jobs in the global employment market. MBA graduates, particularly from the top B-schools and the IIMs, are offered best salary packages by the top recruiters across the globe for different job roles in investment banking, consulting, etc. Recently, Abu Dhabi based finance firm, Dunia Finance, has offered an annual pay of Rs 44 lakh to six IIM graduates.

Dubai has been a major attraction for Indian professionals in the traditional sectors such as finance, banking, construction, and retail. Moreover, now thousands of new age career options are also emerging in the fields of online media, e-commerce, and tech startups.  

What makes Dubai a preferred job destination for Indians?

After the Expo 2020 win, the reputation of Dubai as a global employment hub has become even more evident. Pushing up the employment scenario in the city, there are several other reasons for its continuing status as a popular work destination. These include:

  • Higher pay scale

Jobs in Dubai offer higher pay scales in the different sectors such as IT, banking, construction, media, and telecom. 

  • Wide range of opportunities

Dubai’s employment market is thriving with ample job opportunities. A glance at the recruitment websites can offer an array of job vacancies varying from entry-level jobs to CEO position. Several reputed IT companies such as Oracle, Microsoft, and IBM have their base in the city.

  • Work Culture

When it comes to work culture, Dubai is known as one of the best places for employees. The companies in the location follow the same work culture, which includes rules, regulations, work hours, and holidays. Companies in Dubai ensure that their employees maintain a work-life balance. Due to the religious point of view, Fridays are the fixed off days apart from the other mandatory holidays.

  • Tax-Free Income

Apart from the higher pay scale, tax-free income is icing on the cake for job seekers. The tax-free advantage attracts many top multinational companies and firms, thus creating more job openings for the job hunters.

  • Lifestyle

Many people prefer to work in Dubai due to the vivacious lifestyle offered by the city. The city’s infrastructure is at par with the global standards. Also known as ‘the shopping capital of the Middle East’, Dubai has the world’s best shopping malls and stores. The thriving economy is anytime the major reason to attract job seekers from India and across the world.

  • Cultural diversity

If you are looking for a place, which scores more on cultural diversity, Dubai is the destination! More than 80 per cent of the population in the city comes from different countries. It is a great place to experience cultural diversity.

Simple steps to ensure you get the job

To reach out to the right employer and a right job, it is vital to follow a few important steps:

  •   Search for the matching job roles

Your job search should be based on your interest areas, skills, and qualifications. Searching and applying for the job you do not fit in is a waste of time and efforts. Hence, make a list of companies or job roles that meet your career plan and apply accordingly.

  •   Customize your resume

Sending the one generic resume for all the jobs is the biggest mistake. Focus on individual job openings and customize your resume to match the requirements of different jobs. A resume is an opportunity to send across the complete detail to employers who will shortlist you for an interview call on the basis of what is mentioned in it.

  •   Understand resume format

Employers generally do not give more than twenty seconds on each resume when they have thousands of job applications for a single job opening. Hence, it becomes critical to prepare a resume that an employer can easily scan for important details in lesser time. Mention important details in bullets and provide headings or sub-headings.

  •   Use and build networks

In today’s time, career networking is not optional, but mandatory in your job search. To maximize the result, tap into your network; speak to friends, previous colleagues, and alumni for potential job opportunities and referrals.

  •  Follow up

Regular follow up on the status of your job application is vital to ensure that you are not missing on any key stage of the application process. After all, searching a new job is like a full-time job!

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