A Quick Guide to take admission in Young Leaders Programme (YLP) at ISB

Indian School of Business or ISB is one of the leading business schools of Asia. ISB, by working closely towards youth development, runs its innovative YLP (Young Leaders Programme) which helps undergraduate students expand anintegralperception in management studies.

If you are keen to get enrolled in ISB’s Young Leaders Programme, don’t fret. This article will help you with the point to point instructional guide to take admission in ISB’s YLP. Here we go…

What is YLP or Young Leaders Programme?

To young undergraduate students, timely guidance along with precise and professional mentoring with well-structured learning is quite significant. But most of the times, due to certain circumstances, many of us fail to get the same.  And this is when ISB comes. ISB acknowledges the intense need of professional guidance for young undergraduate students.

For the reason, they have initiated with their Young Leadership Programme (YLP) with a vision to furnish the needs of undergraduate students who dream of an enduring career in Management. YLP at ISB could easily be accessed by worldwide applicants regardless of their field of study whether it’s science, commerce, arts or else.

 If you are a pre-final year undergraduate student who professes excellent academic performance or ability in extramural activities, you are more competent to this programme. To get enrolled in this programme, there are three core stages which in all the terms are performed online and require no submission of any physical documents. There’s a basic application fee of INR 1,000 which students must pay while applying.

ISB YLP- Programme Structure

The YLP or Young Leadership Programme is a mentorship and learning program which is a combination of four major learning weekends. This helps out the students in navigating the path of their bright career with regular feedback. Moreover, it also allows students with an opportunity to put it together to the PGP (Post graduate program) course at ISB offered where you should have finished work experience of one year. Here is a complete structure.

Check it below -

March - Pre-final year

Apply to Stage 1 of YLP

August - Final year

Shortlisted candidates will apply stage 2 along with the GMAT scores

September - Final year

Final selection process on campus will be followed

October - Final year

Admission will be offered

Summer - Year 1 of work

Attend the weekend 1 YLP learning, and start your job after completing graduation

Winter - Year 1 of work

Join the weekend 2 YLP learning

Summer - Year 2 of work

Enrol in weekend 3 YLP learning

Winter - Year 2 of work

Join Weekend 4YLP Learning

Winter - Year 2 of work

Submit your application to attain scholarship from ISB and go to the interview

April - Year 2 of work

It’s your final move, join the ISB*

*Candidates who could not complete with their 1 year and 9 months of work experience may have an option to join by April, Year 3.

ISB YLP- Application Process

To take admission in YLP, an applicant must be undergraduate and should also hold some additional curricular or academic records. There is no certain stream required, academic talent from any field such as- science, commerce and arts would work.  Applicant will have to process thorough with three stages with throughout screening before getting enrolled in YLP.


At the first stage, applicants will have to submit:

  • All the previous records of achievements and academic  transcripts
  • Previous achievements and extramural interests
  • A well-scripted application essay mentioning all achievements in life*
  • Application fee of INR 1,000


After getting shortlisted from stage-1 candidates will be required to submit:

  • GMAT score
  • One evaluation
  • Two essays*


Once you are done with second stage, the final list would be announced and selected candidates will be invited to the ISB Campus for a face-to-face interview.

YLP students will be allowed to contest the merit-based scholarship or need based scholarship in the second year. This would be done through separate interview procedure and application process.

Things to do to boost your resume for YLP admission

Being a wise applicant, before you start with the process of YLP admission in ISB, make sure that you better prepare yourself. Since ISB chooses only the selected candidates, by getting enrolled in some kind of training centres you can increase your chances of getting selected. Make sure that you have between 600 to 700 GMAT score, learn from your vocational experiences be it from a company, non-profit organization or NGO, well-written ISB application essays, and an impressive resume. Moreover, work on your conversation skills to improve the chances of being highlighted among interviewers.

I have come up with this guide after collecting information from different-2 sources and I welcome everybody to share their views.

Good luck!

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