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The magic of matrix structure in organization

The magic of matrix structure in organization

As the headline shows the matrix structure of an organization speaks about the propensity of outcome and formulation of strategy to scale specific goal by a person who actually not accounted for that particular job but due to reporting to more than one boss, it had to concentrate on job that is not originally assigned to him. The sense of urgency defines the area of responsibility and operational performance. Most of…


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Top 5 Mobile Apps for Small Business

Are you making the most out of your Smartphone apps? There are several ways through which the potential of a mobile app can be exploited for business development. Small businesses are best suited to tap the opportunity provided to them by user friendly interactive mobile apps. It assists them to advance their business operations, profitability and in the long run improve their business growth. Mobile apps cut down on the time taken to do a particular job, which…


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                                          Time is the currency of the 21st century. Everyone

today is in a tremendous hurry. Our lives are beginning to be more micro and we only have a few seconds to get to know people.


                        Why for certain people success is way of life? After all having excellent track record, thoughtfully scripted resume, even then something amiss, should one blame on lady luck, is this competition is killing you, yes to rise in…


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Don’t Let Your Resume Look Like a Scam

I see a lot of resumes, more than I care to admit, and between us, sometimes I even dream about them. The problem with resumes in general is that 98% of them look virtually the same. Granted, there is only so much you can do with a couple of sheets of white paper (or perhaps ivory if you dare) and Times New Roman (Palatino Linotype anyone).

Since everyone thinks that most resumes look the same, a…


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Ten Quotes Never Spoken By a Happy Entrepreneur

Some people are not cut out to be entrepreneurs. This is a good thing, or the business world would be chaos, with everyone trying to do their own thing. So what about you? How do you know if you should be running your own company, or concentrating on that queue of work that someone else has built for you?

I’ve hit this before, but I still hear from too many unhappy entrepreneurs. Now is the time to put aside your fantasies, and take a hard look at who you really are, before you… Continue

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Top Ten Lessons Steve Jobs Taught Us

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Interview with Rashmi Daga - Founder of Afday.com

A journey from corporate to entrepreneurship of an IIM Ahmedabad graduate

Recently I had a chance to interact with one of my alumni,Rashmi Daga, from IIM Ahmedabad.
After brief conversation she broke the news about a recent startup - Afday.com. Rashmi started Bangalore based firm which offers Indian art & craft, handmade, ecofriendly products across a wide range of…

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IImNet Editorial Vol 1 : Sep 2011 - 7 tips to be in good books with headhunter(s)

A move, in our career, can be facilitated either through friends, ex-colleagues or headhunters. Now LinkedIn becoming popular hangout for most of headhunters, we find deluge of in-mails from recruitment consultant enquiring whether we are looking for a change/interested in a job opening. But are all headhunters offer same services you are looking for?

The article from IImNet editorial team,first…


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IImNet is looking for experienced professionals who can be part of advisory board & guide us in new strategic initiatives

We at IImNet need advisors to build our platform with an objective to server our members better.



What is the role of an advisor?

Ans : You as an advisor are our sounding board, you can guide us, you can give different point of views. This is needed as we want to provide 360 degree platform for professionals and HR professionals to interact for jobs, referrals and networking. We want to try new things which…


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List of Analytics Companies in India

Analytics Companies in India

IT companies with a strong analytics practice:



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WSJ India Career Journal: Employers woo Employees

Wall St Journal India Career Journal: Employers woo Employees

By Shefali Anand…


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One thing can change a lot

I came across a nice poem in Alumni Magazine of IIM Bangalore winter edition (2009) page 39 wanted to share here with the members ,written by Sukanya, a 10th Standard student
the original link can be found here…

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Could some body throw some light over this topic plz

Hi ... I am pursuing my 1st year MBA marketing from Amrita School of Business ... I aspire to become a part of media planning industry .. some of my dream targets are JWT, O&M .... I want to know the prospects of this in dustry and if some people are already into it .. plz help me out ... i want to do my summers too in this industry so that i could get some idea and contacts for the same .. can somebody help me plz ...

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A treasure trove of HBR articles and resources.

Here's a link to have a more legible copy of HBR articles and resources :


Paste the above link in your browser to get to the resource or click on the following link


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