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Want to make the world happy and be paid for it

Make a career in CSR at the back of your MBA degree

With the job market continuing to struggle, searching for the right job continues as a long shot chance for a number of job seekers. The difficulty increases radically when it is a highly nascent sector like CSR, where the first step itself is persuading the corporate for what you can do. If you choose to opt for working in a corporate,

How do you clarify a recruiter that thorough…


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Tips To Handle a Phone Interview

An interview is the process of interaction between two persons- the interviewer and the interviewee. On the basis of the information furnished by the candidate in the form of resume, the interviewer short lists the candidates who are called for the interview. The interview is really an overall skill examining of short duration.  An interview is the most commonly used method and satisfactory way of obtaining information. To be effective and economical, interviews need to be well…


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Man up dear Manager

A professor once told me that a great Manager is one who helps businesses take decisions despite incomplete information. I add to that by saying that the decisions have to be efficient (with minimal amount of effort Eg: time taken to reach a decision etc.). Also there is a degree of uncertainty in the environment. This is possible if he is emancipated; As I would like to look at this from an 'emancipation' perspective, one has…


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The elements of a Great CV

The importance of an attractive CV is imperative in today’s competitive world.

It’s difficult, as one has to suffice all the necessary things, such as: experience, ambitions and skills all in one page. In addition to this, it has to have proper grammar and an orderly manner, while keeping in mind so that the CV does not look too mundane.

The aim is to send a clear message to the employers that the applicants are a potential candidate.

Before we start, let’s see…


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5 reasons: Why focused online communities are the future

1994: Harry & Charles joined a Business School

1996: Harry & Charles graduated & joined different companies in different countries

1997: Harry met Charles after an year in college reunion

1999: Harry was talking to Charles on Yahoo chat

2005: Harry sent a message and invitation on Orkut to attend 10yr Alumni Meet at Sydney

2006: Harry met Charles in Alumni meet at Sydney

2008: Harry referred Charles for a…


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Top 100 Content Marketing Strategies of all time

Dear Friends

We have started a marketing agency NectarSpot and to learn more about content marketing we have compiled list of top content marketing articles. Hopefully it will also awaken a marketer in you.

If you have questions, write to us at support@iimnet.com 

The awesome list of top 'content marketing' writings as…


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Job opportunities in 2015: Find Your Dream Job

With the coming New Year, new plans are waiting your attention- related to your career and home. While personal plans, you can definitely execute them, the following post will help you in your career related decisions.

So, if you are looking for a new job or considering switching your job, the year 2015 has a lot to offer in terms of career opportunities in India.…


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Dubai: A Popular Job Destination for Expat Jobseekers

The United Arab Emirates (UAE), particularly Dubai, is a popular job destination for expat job seekers, particularly for Indians. The key reason is the availability of numerous lucrative job opportunities in the different fields as well as the tax-free income. Recently, Six IIM graduates are placed in Dubai with lucrative pay packages. The article will talk more about this and mention some points why Dubai is a right job destination for Indian students.

The UAE, which includes seven…


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All you wanted to know about Analytics


Analytics involves the application of advanced quantitative techniques on enterprise and third-party data to help you make the best possible decision in a given situation.

Analytics helps you how:

Act on Customer Insight

"Connect the dots" in your customer relationship data to understand complex patterns of behavior

Identify the best course of action to take at every decision point during your…


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Financial & Analytical Tools for Problem Solving & Decision Making

At a time when companies in many industries offer similar products and use comparable technology, what’s left as a basis for competition is to execute your business with maximum efficiency and effectiveness, and to make the smartest business decisions that requires maintaining a highly capable team of man power, and continually training them up for betterment. 

An organizations that want to be competitive must have some…


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Ethics and Financial Markets: The Role of the Analyst

There are no new sins; the old ones just get more publicity. : Unattributed
As a protection against financial illusion or insanity, memory is far better 
than law. : John Kenneth Galbraith, The Great Crash, 1929

The ethical issues that financial professionals face are no different from the ethical issues in any profession—or, indeed, the day-to-day dilemmas we all face. These issues are readily…


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1 year after MBA and looking for a better job - A pervasive conundrum

While sitting in an office located in a yonder corner of the world...I was brooding on a thought that

"What the hell am I doing here?"

The propensity led me to call…


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Business Model Patterns

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Social Chaos – Ads on Twitter / Facebook

Since the time all of us started spending more time on the internet and trying to be interactive with our voices of opinions and judgements, marketers have been juggling to get into spaces where we are active and spend more time. Some experts predicted that social media channels will be a disruption of…


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"A Resume is Anthology of Human Talent." 

                     First Resume means turning point from Student life to Professional life. Armouring yourself with all the fortifications to show that you are the best. Creating your…


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Employee Separation by Resignation

When a person joins a company he creates a relationship with his employer, popularly known as Employer-Employee relationship. Like many other relations that we enters into, this relation too need to be nourished for sustainability. Relations have life. Some die natural death and some unnatural death. Employer-Employee relation also ends. Natural end of this relationship is retirement or superannuation. This relation dies an unnatural death by ways of resignation, termination of employment;…


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Top 200 e-commerce companies in India

While searching to build good leads among all e-commerce companies in India for our upcoming social media marketing tool 'marketEnomics', we compiled a list of e-commerce companies, hopefully it might be useful to you as well. If you need any help in contacting them, mail…


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Top 150 blogs for entrepreneurs


For most of the management graduates, following their dream means an entrepreneurship. And no wonder, there exists many blogs on entrepreneurship which talks about dos, donts, ideas, mindsets etc., 

Here is a list of blogs useful to entrepreneurs, with a touch of social entrepreneurship and high tech bias …


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A Comment on IIM v/s ISB

A New IIM?

Published in www.dailypioneer.com

When our Mecca of management recognised its very best, I thought it’ll be headline news. I was wrong. It’s been three days since 40 Golden Jubilee Distinguished Alumnus Awards were given by IIM-Ahmedabad, but try asking for all the names.

News reports…


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