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Will robots take away our jobs?

Will robots take away our jobs?

A holistic perspective how Robotic Process Automation would affect the Service Industry jobs

By Prabhakar MN ( https://in.linkedin.com/in/prabhakar-mn-a1196840 )

Speaking of robots reminds us of Science Fiction movies like Terminator, Matrix and the likes. But however, I’m…


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Where does culture come on your list?

You and your co-founding team really got this awesome idea- It can change life of millions. This could be the next unicorn (Bn$ valuation), if done rightly. The plan is laid out. Off course you’ve read all great blogs and watched some important videos on how to do everything right. You…

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Worldwide List of Venture Firms

Early Stage, Seed Venture Funds:

  1. Accel
  2. Index Ventures
  3. Atomico
  4. Founders Fund
  5. Balderton Capital
  6. GGV Capital
  7. Bessemer Venture Partners
  8. Sherpa Capital
  9. Eight Roads Ventures
  10. Foundation Capital
  11. Highland Europe
  12. Greylock
  13. Y Combinator
  14. Union Square Ventures
  15. NEA
  16. Bain Capital Ventures
  17. KPCB
  18. 500…

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Should your Start-up be a Side-Project?

It takes lot of inertia for you to start your own venture. Not just on idea or, finding a co-founder even personal situations need to be thought through before you start. After i jumped-on i get asked by lot of…


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Rise in Pay Package is evident with PGP in Management at ISB

Reaching milestones every year is no more surprise at ISB; be it overwhelming response with 28% increase in application or exceptional placement records, ISB has redefined the management studies at highest level.

Apart from young graduates, the PGP courses very much in demand with experienced professional around the country. One-year PGP at ISB has ensured that professionals reap maximum benefits and step ahead with…


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Top 100 list of Angels, VCs, Incubators, Accelerators in India

At IIMnet Ventures ( IIMnet.com and IIMnetWORK.com ), we are in process of raising fund for next phase of growth. We are listing Funding firms , Incubators & Accelerators in India which we have collected over last one year.

Currently we are raising 'Friends and Family' round and if you are interested or want to be part of it, please send a note to info@iimnet.com (Sub : Interested in…


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Executive MBA – the Beneficial B- School Interlude for Professionals

Executives MBA are fast catching among the Indian student fraternity. The following post explores the significance of pursuing an Executive MBA. Read on to know more.


Are you busy professional and work very hard to rise up the ladder of success? Did you ever consider pursuing a short-term MBA that can accelerate your professional career further? If so, then Executive MBA is your answer. An executive MBA programme can turn out to be boon for your professional career…


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It's 2016. You Need To Revisit Old SEO Tactics

Technologies are improvising, so are the Search Engines. Every year, a number of updates are happening with them to provide the best of the information to searchers. If search engines algorithms are updating, then Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques are…


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It's a long weekend again, and this is where you should be headed!

We've just left Christmas and New Year's behind us, but it's hard to get over the holiday spirit with another long weekend right around the corner! If you're wondering how you should be spending the next long weekend, we've got the answer for you. IIMnetWORK is hosting its next meet as part of the Advantage India series in Bangalore, on January 17.

It's going to be a power-packed networking event with opportunities to meet and greet policy makers, mentors, VCs, and…


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IIMnetWORK Advantage India Conclave – Kolkata

The Advantage India Conclave…


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IIMnetWork Conference, Hyderabad – World of Opportunities

After a successful Season 1 event in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore in July, 2015, Season 2 is just around the corner. The IIMnetWork Conference in Hyderabad will be taking place on November 28th, and it is going to be a great opportunity to meet and listen to accomplished entrepreneurs from different walks of life. Those attending the conference have a chance to meet corporate executives, academia, and other successful industry professionals.

This conference in Hyderabad is open to…


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The Imapct of Big Data on Modern Marketing Practices

Author Bio: Vasudha is a blogger at DrumUp, a content curation and social media management tool, where she writes extensively about content marketing and social media marketing.



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What Makes A Good Graphic Designer?

Graphic Designers are those who work to create aesthetically pleasing designs, pictures and concepts by choosing just the right fonts, colors and lines to craft a balanced composition conveying a meaning simultaneously.


In today’s world, working in graphic design is a dream job for many inventive individuals, but in order to become a well smoothed Graphic Designer, you'll need to have well-built problem solving skills and love a good challenge that is…


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Digital Analytics - How to find unique visitor actions on your website

Dear Friends

Many of us who have worked in e-Commerce or any business related to websites/app, we want to know how visitors have traversed pages (page path flow), what are their interest areas (page sections), what links they click etc.

Since Google and Omniture provide standard report in aggregated basis, it's difficult to find individual online users' data ( untill and unless you have a single user per day - not an ideal scenario) and behavior. Let's see what Omniture…


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Results of sentiment analysis for IIMnetWORK brand

Recently @marketEnomics we conducted sentiment analysis for the event #IIMnetWORK and following are the results:

Results : Sentiment analysis for twitter feeds for #iimnetwork…


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A Tussle between Compensation and Performance

Once there was a concept of life-time job. People used to join one organization and would work

there for rest of their life. They would grow with company. Loyalty and relation were given more

preference than anything else. Performance, compensation, and growth were important but not as

important as emotions and brotherhood. However, now things have changed. More so in last THREE

decades. There seems to be a tussle, a kind of tug of war, between performance and…


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Growth of IT Software Jobs in India

The boom in India’s Information Technology (IT) industry has started from the late nineties, and

from a GDP contribution of 1.2% in 1998 it has increased tremendously to a 7.5% in 2012. The Rise in the IT industry has also led to a number of entrepreneurs in the country, marking it amongst the list of technologically innovative countries of the world. The IT industry of India basically is composed of two components – IT services and Business process outsourcing…


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Candidates Must Ask Questions During Interview

Every individual working in any company, anywhere in the world has certain expectations from their jobs. Some of the basic expectations are - job satisfaction, growth opportunities, good compensation and benefits, amicable work-culture, and work-life balance. Unfortunately, very few candidates ask any question in job interviews to find answers of their concerns. They don’t ask questions and…


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Employee Retention – Empowerment and Challenging Assignments

It’s appraisal time. It is that time of the year when employees in Corporate India get evaluated and rewarded for their performance of previous year. This phase of performance evaluation usually expose many internal processes of companies, such as,

1. Credibility of performance management system,

2. Warmth in relationships of managers with their sub-ordinates,

3. Effectiveness and quality of internal communication,

4. Compensation and…


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How to Start Reading Research Papers

Reading research papers is an inescapable activity for a research scholar that has to be started sooner or later. There is a huge gap between planning to read and actually reading a research paper as the same appears quite monotonous and tiring. With a little effort, you can get into the habit of reading research papers.…


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Will robots take away our jobs?

Posted by Prabhakar MN on December 9, 2016 at 12:30pm

Where does culture come on your list?

Posted by nitin khanna on September 12, 2016 at 8:35am

Worldwide List of Venture Firms

Posted by Moderator on October 5, 2016 at 10:51pm

Should your Start-up be a Side-Project?

Posted by nitin khanna on July 24, 2016 at 3:57pm — 1 Comment

It's 2016. You Need To Revisit Old SEO Tactics

Posted by Girish Gupta on January 20, 2016 at 7:30pm

IIMnetWORK Advantage India Conclave – Kolkata

Posted by Vasudha Veeranna on December 24, 2015 at 5:30pm

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