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Top 150 blogs for entrepreneurs


For most of the management graduates, following their dream means an entrepreneurship. And no wonder, there exists many blogs on entrepreneurship which talks about dos, donts, ideas, mindsets etc., 

Here is a list of blogs useful to entrepreneurs, with a touch of social entrepreneurship and high tech bias …


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Top 200 e-commerce companies in India

While searching to build good leads among all e-commerce companies in India for our upcoming social media marketing tool 'marketEnomics', we compiled a list of e-commerce companies, hopefully it might be useful to you as well. If you need any help in contacting them, mail…


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Reverse Innovation

Introduction – What is reverse innovation?
Historically, multi-national companies innovated in west (developed countries) and sold those products in east (developing countries).  Reverse Innovation is doing exactly the opposite.  It is about innovating in east and bringing those products to west. Reverse Innovation is the strategy of innovating in emerging…

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"A Resume is Anthology of Human Talent." 

                     First Resume means turning point from Student life to Professional life. Armouring yourself with all the fortifications to show that you are the best. Creating your…


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6 Ways to Build Buzz for Your Startup

You have a great idea, a website, a business plan and maybe even some funding. Now what? That doesn’t mean anything unless people are talking, sharing and buzzing about your brand. If no one hears the proverbial tree falling in the forest, how will they know it actually exists — and why would they care?

For most startups, publicity typically falls to the bottom of the expenditure list. Yet, in this day and age, with so much competition for coverage and attention, it can be the thing…


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How Crowdsourcing Aims to Cure Cancer?

CMO of GE's Healthymagination, Lisa Kennedy, discusses how the Healthymagination program aims to cure cancer with help from the crowd. Kennedy shares their experiences and lessons, pointing out that it takes a village to solve some of the world's toughest challenges.

What lessons you'll walk away with

  1. 1. What was found & what's next for GE's 100M Open Innovation Challenge for cancer
  2. 2. How …

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