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Why Top Management Fails: A Flip Side

Innovation has always been a hot topic of conversation in organizations, cultures and ethnicities. You call it either a radical change or a breakthrough; it has been so influential that it is been able to transform the lives. Be it the Six thinking hats of Edward de Bono; DNA principles of Clayton Christensen or theories of Min Badasur, many organizations are using them in different combinations to fetch the revenues and profit out of industry. These organizations are so dependent on it that…


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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How my profile / resume is being shown to the companies providing internships or/and full time positions on C2C platform?

Ans : Please submit your resume and fill your profile as per the…


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Successful strategic interraction in organization

i want to share some experiences that impacts the day to day dealing with complexities in an organization that work on three or four layer matrix structure. This type of examples are vividely observed in the organizations run by bureaucratic cadre with static rules and regulations.It is the place where disciplinary action and punishment are ordinary matter.

certain rules work in such organizations that are really effective for gen-Y or gen-c or any yet to be identified…


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Placements demystified……

This article is the third one in the row, discussing a little on the placement process when you are nearing the completion of your MBA course. Before I begin, let me warn the readers that I am not a head-hunter who has been a part of the recruitment process for a firm, but definitely have been on the other side (applicants), and as a matter of fact, have seen the process very closely. This article would shed some light on what the recruiters are actually looking for in a potential…


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Choosing the B-School- and implementing your choice

This article is in continuation to the earlier one, which tried to define management in a layman’s view, and tried to explain what it really means being an MBA. Having said that, I would now like to put across my thoughts on choosing the right b-school. As we all know that there is no dearth of colleges and institutes in the country, offering a PGDM or an MBA, but when it comes to taking a decision to choose from the list, it becomes a difficult task. One can have a plethora of…


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What an MBA will do to you.... a layman's view !!!

Let me begin this post with a small story.... years back, there was a small boy who had a very curious mind. Whenever he saw a person practicing a particular profession, he would aspire to do that when he grew old. Those days, Engineering was a hype as a career, but alas, his mother was never able to justify the various specializations in the course. For them, as well as the other common masses, it was just a specialized course which was much valued, and a person would be taught some aspects…


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After half a century: IIM Calcutta

Few survive, fewer sustain and the fewest can actually make the difference by leading from the front. IIM Calcutta is one such institute, which has pioneered the concept of management education and is leading from the front. It has shown how to survive, grow, sustain and expand. Thus, the theme of the 50th Year celebration has been aptly chosen as ‘Sustainable Tomorrow.’

It’s that cherished moment again. Feelings of achievement,…


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My Moments with IIM-C!!


It’s a lazy Sunday afternoon. After a long time, I got a Sunday which was minus the workload. In a way I was relaxed. As I was quietly spending this time with myself only, my mind started rewinding! And it’s IIMC only… campus, classes, invigilation, students, professors, colleagues and many others.

21st June 2009

First time ever I entered the campus of IIMC at the outskirt of the city. Though, didn’t take a…


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