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Social Media for Startups | 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration

As a startup one of the constant challenges is to reach right target market,  communicate value proposition and answer queries to generate qualified leads.

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are one of the effective platforms but increasing likes, getting more followers gets daunting day by day. What is the magic silver bullent,if any, that will get more followers?

As Thomas Edison said, paraprharsing it : “social media is 1% inspiration and 99%…


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Steady growth needs long term prosperity?

Better performing organizations have some differentiated speciality that bring unique benefit to the world.But as referred in the HBR Jan-Feb'12 issue, page-103,the organizations that perform better are both more stable and innovative.The article is interesting and acceptable in the existing scenerio.Points to ponder here are the basic concepts that has been adopted by the writer Ms. Rita Gunther McGrath are simple and applicable in our country also. The Indian performing institutions like…


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Wise Words

today's wise words :-

A big billboard inside the TATA STEEL plant in Jamshedpur reads :-

" One who knows not but knows not that he knows not,is a fool,leave him".

"One who knows not and knows that he knows not,is simple,teach him".

"One who knows but knows not that he knows , is asleep,awake him".

"One who knows and knows that he knows,is wise,follow him"

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Winning strategic points in bottom of pyramid market economy.

Being an inborne swain with solid originality of consumption pattern of rural india,i can spot certain points that seem to be simple but its implementation can create enormous profit to the user like:-

i. Effective usability of product and services:- while visiting a remot place, i discussed with a sales representative of P&G regarding their product acceptability in rural market.The pouch of head & shoulder and the whisper (Economic) pack…


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Sustainable strategic success

The headline itself suggests the ways to enquire about the measures that impacts the success of any organizational strategy.

Mostly as research gurus suggests, the strategy can be divided into two platforms over which its successfulness depends, like

 i. Resource based strategy Ex. :- it includes the financial science,psychological flavour and the technical evolutionary inpute.This is logical to keep the resources in balanced manner.

ii. The Network based strategy :-…


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Pivotal point in strategy.

Most of the organization concentrate on formulate the strategy after setting goal and stracture. But the fact is that the failure of such intensively prepare strategy turns into nightmare when it goes faster towards wrong direction.To surmount this risk, it is most desirable to understand the pivotal point of the strategy and meticulously study the business,product and customer uniqueness.The important as well as pivotal differences must be analyzed before stepping forward to test the risk…


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