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The Traditional Courses Are Affiliated To Karnataka State Open University

We all know online courses are highly popular and in demand these days. There are several factors behind this popularity. Online courses use modern teaching and learning tools, are flexible, mostly short term and quick, and most importantly, allow you to interact with teachers/trainers/specialists on your screen without having to even leave the room. You can submit assignments and give tests online, what could be more convenient than this? Online courses have brought the entire classroom to…


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Job opportunities in 2015: Find Your Dream Job

With the coming New Year, new plans are waiting your attention- related to your career and home. While personal plans, you can definitely execute them, the following post will help you in your career related decisions.

So, if you are looking for a new job or considering switching your job, the year 2015 has a lot to offer in terms of career opportunities in India.…


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Formatting an effective resume!

A resume is a recruitment tool which introduces you to employers and gives a synopsis of your educational and professional background. It also markets you in a way that effectively conveys the benefits that you’ll bring to an employer. So, it will be fair to say that a lot rides on how you structure the information on your resume so that is does justice to your profile! Which brings us to a very pertinent question, how to format and structure your CV…


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Dubai: A Popular Job Destination for Expat Jobseekers

The United Arab Emirates (UAE), particularly Dubai, is a popular job destination for expat job seekers, particularly for Indians. The key reason is the availability of numerous lucrative job opportunities in the different fields as well as the tax-free income. Recently, Six IIM graduates are placed in Dubai with lucrative pay packages. The article will talk more about this and mention some points why Dubai is a right job destination for Indian students.

The UAE, which includes seven…


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In today’s times, it is very important to be career-oriented. Education and literacy are mostly obtained to land up with a respectable job in future. Students can think of many careers which can help them achieve their goals and lead a good lifestyle. There are a number of exciting yet rewarding jobs, but all include some sort of a risk factor. Those who wish to earn a science degree can opt for a number of courses in the field of medicine and engineering. The students must choose the right…


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Job Search Tips: How To Optimize Your CV For The Applicant Tracking System

In order to optimize your resume to get a job you have to put yourself in the shoes

of a recruiter. You have to imagine the impact that your CV will make on them and

accordingly pick words that are not only effective when read by the recruiting manager,

but also optimized for the applicant tracking system (ATS), the software application that

electronically manages the sorting and selection of relevant CVs.



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Job Hunting Secrets: New Methods to Prevent Lost Time

Previously, searching for a job was a serious issue among the young generation. Often hunting jobs became time consuming and job seekers got tired of the lengthy process. The drudgeries behind knocking every office door and the disappointment you face when you hear “No Vacancy” was…


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All you wanted to know about Analytics


Analytics involves the application of advanced quantitative techniques on enterprise and third-party data to help you make the best possible decision in a given situation.

Analytics helps you how:

Act on Customer Insight

"Connect the dots" in your customer relationship data to understand complex patterns of behavior

Identify the best course of action to take at every decision point during your…


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Financial & Analytical Tools for Problem Solving & Decision Making

At a time when companies in many industries offer similar products and use comparable technology, what’s left as a basis for competition is to execute your business with maximum efficiency and effectiveness, and to make the smartest business decisions that requires maintaining a highly capable team of man power, and continually training them up for betterment. 

An organizations that want to be competitive must have some…


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: Enhance your knowledge about the Global Financial Crisis, Take an online Research Foundation of CFA Institute Course

Dear Friends,

As you progress towards making  a career in Investment Management, we realize you would need hands on expertise on how Global Financial Crisis has changed the world and the investment landscape including portfolio management, risk management, and theory, as well as creating new challenges.


In order to equip you with the knowledge, We are delighted to offer you a Free online Course on  Investment Management after the Global Financial Crisis by Research…


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Ethics and Financial Markets: The Role of the Analyst

There are no new sins; the old ones just get more publicity. : Unattributed
As a protection against financial illusion or insanity, memory is far better 
than law. : John Kenneth Galbraith, The Great Crash, 1929

The ethical issues that financial professionals face are no different from the ethical issues in any profession—or, indeed, the day-to-day dilemmas we all face. These issues are readily…


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1 year after MBA and looking for a better job - A pervasive conundrum

While sitting in an office located in a yonder corner of the world...I was brooding on a thought that

"What the hell am I doing here?"

The propensity led me to call…


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Business Model Patterns

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Marketing to Teens



Electronic media already are playing a significant role in the lives of children and teens, many of whom enjoy access to their own personal media devices. They also are the first to grow up in a world saturated with networks of information, digital devices, and the…

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Social Chaos – Ads on Twitter / Facebook

Since the time all of us started spending more time on the internet and trying to be interactive with our voices of opinions and judgements, marketers have been juggling to get into spaces where we are active and spend more time. Some experts predicted that social media channels will be a disruption of…


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Sri Ramakrishna International Institute of Management ( SRIIOM )


Call: 9967137000.


Sri Ramakrishna International Institute of Management ( SRIIOM ) 

is starting its 30th batch of HR Gurukul - from 7th April, 2013 at Chembur ,Mumbai. 

This is a a highly impactful, practical & experiential Post MBA Programme in Human Capital Management and Organization Development for capability building in HR & O.D. 

We have…


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Employee Separation by Resignation

When a person joins a company he creates a relationship with his employer, popularly known as Employer-Employee relationship. Like many other relations that we enters into, this relation too need to be nourished for sustainability. Relations have life. Some die natural death and some unnatural death. Employer-Employee relation also ends. Natural end of this relationship is retirement or superannuation. This relation dies an unnatural death by ways of resignation, termination of employment;…


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Top challenges in recruitment industry and why recruitment consultant would continue adding value

This week we had an opportunity to interact with charismatic professional and recruiter – Mr.Shantanu Saha. Mr. Shantanu is the CEO of "The Recruiters". He has held senior positions in HR with companies like ABB, "The Oberoi's", Daksh & Global Vantedge. Mail ID:


Question 1 : Value of…


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