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Have you ever wondered - It would be great, in a heavy traffic, if I could get personalized news catering to my interests in 45 seconds of soundbytes in my preferred language? Is there any app that I can download on my smartphone?

Don't sweat, now you have RaiyoApp where all latest news, views and updates are all created, managed and rated by users. In the App you can get the top news and updates without the need to swipe, scroll or flip. Just plug it and play it. You can download the app on Google Play by clicking here


The following story is about founder of RadiyoApp , Mr Akshat Anil Ratanpal

Q. Mr Akshat Anil Ratanpal, please tell us about yourself and your journey towards developing the app - RadiyoApp?

I, as the founder of RadiyoApp, am working towards driving the vision to reality  -where we can empower people and their voices. We are working on creating a platform that will truly democratize how news is created and is shared with people in the language of their choice.

Even if someone cannot really type, they know how to speak and Radiyoapp is that enabler for them to create and share audio content in the language of their choice.

I am an engineering graduate with a post graduate in Information Security from University of Surrey and have more than 3 years of work experience in Companies like KPMG, EY, Axis Risk Consulting and as consultant at companies like HSBC, JP Morgan and Morgan Stanley. I love Cricket and Footbal and I love Manchester United. 

Photo : Mr. Akshat Anil Ratanpal at IIMnetWORK's Advantage India Conference at Mumbai
Q. What are your company roots? What was the 'eureka' moment when you decided to start the company? Who initially funded it? Was there any angel funding /PE/VC funding involved?

"We are based in Mumbai with one founder, two interns and technology support partner. There wasn't a single Eureka moment, in fact it was culmination of experiences that lead us to creating Radiyoapp.
a) While driving an Uber from my workplace to home, I had a profound conversation with the driver who could speak 5 languages but couldn't type on Whatsapp
b) Watching an old guy looking onto his co-passengers phone just to read the marathi news that the person was reading
c) How my mom could continue doing her morning chores with either the Radio on or the TV and getting all her morning news just be listening.
d) My sister telling me that she was so tired that she hoped she had someone to tell her the news.
e) How the car radio would have all my co-passenger in the office cab gripped onto the horror story playing on the radio"

Q. In 25 words or less, what are you all about? What problem do you solve and for whom?
We bring local language content directly from source to listener. We connect people to information in the language of their choice.

Q. What is call to action for your customer segments? or your partners ? or your potential investors?
Our customers are our content creators and we encourage them to share their knowledge, expertise and things happening around them in language of their choice and promote more Indianisation of content in India.

Q. How do you make money (or plan to make money)?  Who are your primary customers and why do they choose you?
Our primary source of income will be advertisements. Advertisers can post ads in multiple languages and easily target listeners. We will have extensive data of listeners preferences, content type and other listening habits to provide advertisers with customers information to improve advertisers targeting and improve their return on investments. Alternate sources of income will be Channels. Brands and corporations will get an opportunity to create their own channels and have their listeners create a bond with their content. Radiyoapp offers a non-intrusive listening experience which will feel natural and can easily be controlled by the listeners and creators alike.

Q. What are your marketing channels? How do you use social media for marketing? What are the platforms you primarily use for marketing? Have you outsourced your social media marketing or plans for future?

1. Social Media
2. College Events
3. Speaker events

We primarily use Facebook for our marketing and then its SMS, Email and Twitter. All the marketing is done in-house. However, the current focus is primarily on product development.

Q. What are your dreams for your company?What trends do you see heading into 2014 and beyond that are relevant to your industry and company?
We dream to make it a billion dollar media company in the next 5-7 years. With growing number of smartphone users and people increasingly looking for fresh content, we want to be there providing them that. Also, once Internet hits the heartland of India, it'll be local language content that will be the winner.

Q. Last but not the least, are you looking for hiring interns or full time managers for your company? If yes what is the best way to reach you or your HR?

We are looking for MBA Interns to assist us for marketing and business development and creating strategies to target institutes to become our customers.
Best way to reach me is over email as I do not really answer unknown numbers.

 We at IIMnet Publishing team wish all the best to Mr. Akshat Anil Ratanpal , you can download the app here



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