Interview With Mr. Puneet Gupta - Chief Technology Officer at Brillio

About Puneet Gupta & Brillio

Puneet Gupta is Chief Technology Officer of Brillio and is responsible for the company’s global technology and innovation strategy. As a part of the core leadership team, Puneet oversees Brillio’s development of leading technologies & solutions to deliver best-in-class products and solutions to their customers. He also runs the Brillio Digital business.

Puneet has held leadership roles that span a number of technology segments, including software, mobility and multi-channel solutions. Prior to joining Brillio, Puneet was with Infosys, including head of mobile and multi-channel digital experiences at Infosys Labs and Infosys mobile computing product line. He was a principal researcher of convergence labs where he spearheaded mobility, RFID, wireless and pervasive computing research. Previously, Puneet was with Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies as architect for wireless and mobility.

As a recognized researcher and thought leader for the past two decades, Puneet has been immersed in conceptualizing and driving market-driven initiatives, generating intellectual property and building product lines in the areas of mobility, social, wireless and pervasive computing. Currently, he holds patents in mobile, social technologies and user experiences with over 60 granted and pending patents. Furthermore, Puneet is a recognized author with over 100 published articles and is a frequent speaker and panelist at worldwide technology conferences.

Tell us about yourself and your organization?

What is Brillio? Well, We are a company born out of a deep desire to build a word class enterprise that helps large enterprises transform themselves around the promise and potential that the Digital landscape has to offer. We are focused on the “Digital First” vision and our clients know as among the best digital system integrator around.

We are a global company, headquartered in US with our heart in the Silicon Valley. Two major Innovation centers in Santa Clara & Bangalore. Design Studio in the Valley. And 5 global delivery centers including those in New Jersey, London & Bangalore.

We are designed to serve the large enterprise with the agility of a startup. Just the right size. More than 2000 Brillians around the globe who have proven their might in executing some of the very complex digital transformation efforts serving over 300 customers including 12 fortune 100 and 25 fortune 500 clients.

Speed of execution is something that we take huge pride in. In the time that it takes traditional players to bring out a strategy, we imagine, we plan & we execute. Via the Brillio Imagine program, our clients benefit from rapid execution cycles that are unmatched in the industry. We would love to tell you stories about how we have helped several clients experience imagination & realization at the speed of light.

We live & breathe “The New Know How”. We have built deep competencies around emerging technologies like Internet of Things, Cloud, Mobility, UX, Augmented Reality & Big Data Analytics to name a few, with objectives of creating new end customer experiences, achieving cost efficiencies, and help gain competitive advantage for our clientele.

We are heavily engaged in the mobile & digital technology ecosystem. Via Brillio Ventures we have made several strategic investments with niche companies & research bodies in areas of data, analytics, security, cloud, mobile and machine learning. We do co-creation with clients using models that work. Via our co-creation models, we bring the combined impact of our ecosystem to every client that work with.

And last but not the least. We bring our User experience & technology expertize packaged in domain context. We have deep domain expertise around B2E, B2B & B2C dimensions in Banking and Financial Services, Utilities, CPG, Retail, Technology, Media and Entertainment industries.

Who am I? Well, I am Brillio!

In 25 words or less, what are you all about? What problem do you solve and for whom?

The core problem that we address is making Digital real for enterprises. Every body is fascinated and inspited by the transformative impact Digital can have on their business. But the enthusiasm is not matched by the quantum of real digitization on the ground. The reason is that while doing digital is obvious, what exactly needs to be done and how is not. It is as much about imagining the art of possible as it is about realizing it for digital scale. Most organizations struggle with the continuum of imagination and realization. The vendor landscape is also strictly separated into these two. We bring the imagination, innovation & the realization continuum for our clients to make Digital happen. This is what we do.

What this takes is Brillio Design studio, Brillio mobile, wearable & IOT labs, Brillio Social experiences, Brillio Data & Analytics, Brillio Cloud & Brillio scalability & security labs all coming together and operating as a single virtual entity for our clients via the Brillio imagine program to make it happen. When all this happens and in a way that is extremely well calibrated and the engine operates at the speed of light, that’s when magic happens!

One of our popular framework is the Brillio Moments of Truth and Micro Experiences (MTM) framework for defining digital strategy for clients. We work with our clients for identifying “customer journey” which captures how will their end customer interact with their business. We then work with clients to find the “Moments of Truth” in this journey. Moments of Truth are Experiential Inflection Points for the end customer, which result in make or break decision. We believe in creating Digital Interventions around these Moments of Truth in form of multiple “Micro Experiences” – which help in enhancing your customer’s experiences.

For example, one of our Journey is “In- Branch Experience” for Banking Customers. Today, we go into a branch only if we have a specific need. All our regular transactions are taken care of by Internet Banking. Hence, what are Moments of Truth for a customer standing in Banking Branch today, and what are the Digital Interventions required there are captured by our In-Branch Experiences framework.

What is call to action for your customer segments? or your partners ? or your potential investors?

Think Micro experiences and build your digital strategy one micro experience at a time.

We have three potential engagement models for our customers:

  • We can engage with them to help visualize how a Digital Solution will look like for them. It is a workshop, in which we come in with our accelerators and our experience of implementing similar solutions with other players in the industry. We call this session “Lets Ideate”. In this session, we identify what are the possible Customer Journeys, what are possible Moments of Truth in the Journey and How we can create Micro Experiences around them. Output of this session is a visualization of Micro Experiences
  • Second Mode of Engagement is called “Imagine”. In this engagement, we have already defined Micro Experiences. We come with partial applications, or PoCs, to the workshop. We then help our customers to visualize how these Micro Experiences fit into their environment, who will be the stakeholders, and how will it work in their specific case
  • Third mode of Engagement is called “Ïmagine to Realize”. In this mode, we work with clients to undertake system integration of the Digital Initiative into their environment, make it an enterprise wide scalable solution, and work with them till the end of the journey to ensure realization of business benefit of the initiative

What are your plans for Go To Market?

We have coverage of US, European and Indian markets. We are engaging with our clients across the globe with workshops to help them envision the magic Digital can do with their businesses. We call these tool kits as “Magic Boxes”. For example, In Branch Experience is a part of the Magic Box for Banking. Similarly, we have Magic Boxes for Retail, Insurance, and other sectors.

Last but not the least, are you looking for hiring interns or full time managers for your company? If yes what is the best way to reach you or your HR?

Yes we are hiring interns and hr. You can reach out to emails given on our website

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