Interview with Mr. Apurv Modi, IIM Bangalore alumnus and founder of docntalk (Social Media for Healthcare) and PricePandit

About DocnTalk and PricePandit:  


Medical Expert says that It's a online revolution of Medical Domain - World "most Innovative and creative portals for Doctors and Future Doctors". Find out for yourself after a detailed interview we had with Mr. Apurv Modi, IIM Bangalore alumnus and founder of DocnTalk and PricePandit

Apurv, tell us about yourself and your organization?

Abhay Techno Services - Atechnos is a growing leader in Social Media, Online Marketing and digital consulting likeBroadcasting technology,Content provider , partnership development and outsourcing. As of Now we have launched Two worlds most innovative market which resolve the problem Medical Domain and Indian Online buyers 1st Venture of ATechnos is "World "most Innovative and creative portals for Doctors and Future Doctors" Few Medical Expert says that It's a online revolution of Medical Domain. 2nd Venture of ATechos is "Online price comparison site" SAVE Time SAVE Money.

Launched Three Days Back ... Apurv has an exceptional experience with excel startups like Crafitti consulting, Qutesys infosoul,, The Global Technopreneur and many others . Marketing and Sales strategy, International relationship and branding for startups are his proficiency plots . He was one among the influencers of IIM Bangalore - NSRCEL Group ( Crafitti Consulting team). He is and exceptional leader, demonstrator, trainer on Social Media Marketing / Digital Marketing concepts since half a decade. Apurv is known for his simplistic and inquisitive leading style, which motivates people to think out-of-the-box. It goes without that saying that Apurv has a deep passion for Entrepreneurship and Digital Marketing. He is a regular invited speaker at various Digital Marketing conferences and his previous speaking engagements include speaking at TGT - Networks, an ultimate platform for entrepreneurs. Apurv is an Engineer and MBA.

What are your company roots? What was the 'eureka' moment when you decided to start the company? Who initially funded it? Was there any angel funding /PE/VC funding involved?

Entrepreneurship was always in our blood, Out father was an entrepreneur who broke the walls of family business of harvesting and jumped in to retailing and later to financing. And while doing engineering and MBA ,I had a dream of doing of our own. In the same league I became part of Crafitti consulting ( an IIM Bangalore NSRCEL incubatory) and gained momentum for bringing the change. And as soon as we found the right opportunity we just banged in. It's a self funded company.

In 25 words or less, what are you all about? What problem do you solve and for whom?

Docntalk is all about worldwide doctors and future doctors network with unique features like message option on the Doctor’s public profile. Here, people can ask any question to the doctor and the Doctor can reply from his/her inbox. This reply will go to the other person’s email.” Docntalk’s complete usage is restricted to ONLY doctors and future Doctors, but as an additional feature, the public profile is kept open for the general public, Medical research etc.

What is call to action for your customer segments? or your partners ? or your potential investors?

First of All ? this is not just a social networking website, its completely different and way more than that. Our vision is quite different than just connecting doctors. Convincing doctors was not so easy so far, because docntalk is not for every other doctors , it's for those who want to bring change and can motivate others to enter in to the revolutionary era of technological ecosystem. When likeminded people connect, there is always an positive outcome. We start with asking a few inner thought of doctors like -Doctor, have you ever thought; how many other medical professionals know you in your city, or in your state, country or around the globe. Forget that, how about showcasing your skills, researches, great discoveries and bigger ideas worth sharing with other medical professional and making a greater medical community.

So if you like the ideas above, you are just one click away from being a part of revolution in Medical domain and industry - We have understood by now -docntalk is requirement of Medical professionals because doctors want to share his/her knowledge to Senior and Junior doctors.

Another point is that as of now there is no channel available for doctors except docntalk where doctor could discuss with worldwide doctors and try to figure out something new for medical world. So right now our goal is to introduce our website to Doctors and future doctors and my product is my pitch for investors ..

How do you make money? Who are your primary customers and why do they choose you?

My 1st target to bring 1M+ doctors on our portal. Our business model is different from current social media site and monetization model will follow soon.

What are your marketing channels? How do you use social media for marketing? What are the platforms you primarily use for marketing? Have you outsourced your social media marketing or plans for future?

Client is always secondary thing for us. We are concentrating to bring doctors online. For that

  • We Launching in medical colleges 
  • Meeting with doctors and networkers 
  • Representation in medical domain 
  • Email Campaigns and Social Media Marketing.

How big is your Business Development team? What is the current mix - purely technical vs MBAs? What are you plans for ramping up Business Development Team?

The ATechnos team is a small set of people who love what they do. The words that completely describe the team are young, dynamic, restless, multi-taskers. As of now we are 10 people team including consultant we have outsourced our tech development to one Bangalore based company.

What are your dreams for your company?What trends do you see heading into 2013 and beyond that are relevant to your industry and company?

Our vision is to replace manual medical representation via online platform and one day will become the Biggest online portal of Medical world and we are waiting for that day only.

What are the biggest challenges you are facing in scaling your business up? What’s the #1 to # 3 thing on your To-Do list?

In early days, technology was the big challenge for us as we had to decide which technology to go with looking at the three most important factors , time, scalability and money. Now since our platform is ready, bringing doctors online is the biggest challenge for us.

Last but not the least, are you looking for hiring interns or full time managers for your company? If yes what is the best way to reach you or your HR?

Yes, we are very much interested in Hiring Interns please contact to Ruchi (


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