What it means to be a free man? Our salute to all freedom fighters who made this day happen!

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What does freedom means to all of us? What makes a free man ? Why is it important to us and why shall we take it very seriously?

Today almost entire India is celebrating along with 15th Aug as 68th Independence day, we must not forget  about sacrifices made by our forefathers.

Do you know what was life like in India under British rule?

I will try to answer this by looking from view point of those who were leading a normal life during 1947. I will answer from view point of my grand father, Shri Gaya Prasad Singh (Wiki Link), born at Arrah, Bihar during mid 1920s who used to relate to me his days as a freedom fighter. 

My grandfather, Shri Gaya Prasad (details about his life in appendix), used to say that first thing when you wake up in the morning, you used to think how much we have to pay to local zamindars in form of percentage of crop this year. This is because if you don't have enough this year, you would have to give from your share of crop from last year (saved in form of seeds) and doing so will make you take loans from your local lender at exorbitant rate ( there were no formal banking system those days) to buy seeds for this year. This was a recursive loop that was made by Britishers in form of high tax to farmers across India. This is also well covered by Rakhi Chakraborty in article in online publishing platform YourStory

Being born during that time period also means that you have to live in constant fear that thashildhars (agents of Britishers) can take away your belongings in form of cattle or produce as and when the felt like. Imagine that Police now coming to your home and taking away your new Honda car because they like to have it...

As a free man (or woman) born in India it's our duty to preserve this hard won battle done by our ancestors not only by being vigilant about our rights but also by standing up for men/women who don't have access to this judiciary mechanism (due to poverty,social status or for any reason) or just simply by paying taxes on time which goes in providing basic education facilities to children from poor families and taking care of budget for defending our borders!


You are welcome to add to this comment and your understanding on 'What it means to be a free man'?

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Appendix : About my Grandfather - Shri Gaya Prasad Singh [1920 - 2008] 

'Shri Gaya Prasad Singh ( 1920 - 2008)' fought British Rule in Bihar, India during 1930-1947. During this time period he was jailed multiple times by British for joining Gandhiji's Quit India Movement and before that distributing 'Anti British' pamphlets.

Gaya Prasad Singh's initiation in freedom struggle happened at the tender age of ten where he used to support the case of revolutionaries by distributing pamphlets and other logistical issues. But it was during during 'Quit India Movement' in 1942 - Gandhi's call for immediate independence of India and against sending Indians to the World War II, where he left high school at ' Town School Arrah' to immerse himself fully in the freedom struggle against British. 

He was jailed by British for more than a year during this period of time. Gaya Prasad singh was also influenced by one of his colleague involved in freedom struggle - Dr Rajendra Prasad ( first president of India ). During five yer period, viz. 1942-1947, he was jailed many times in various freedom activities. 
His his name is listed in 'List Of Freedom Fighters' at National Informatics Center website at Welcome To SATNA-District Of Madhya Pradesh

More details at Wiki Page https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shri_Gaya_Prasad

Download brief profile at Page on wikibin.org

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