Avantha Foundation is looking for an OD & HR specialist who has a background in training and OD and a desire to be part of the development sector This role is a blend of strategy & grassroots implementation focused in the areas where our projects are ongoing. Avantha Foundation is looking for a person who has the ability to work across themes and sectors, and engage and develop diverse stakeholders.
The specific role of the position will be:
- Draw out the strategy document for the training and the implantation plan for training rollout for relevant stakeholders for both Nutrition and Governance projects
- Conduct an in-depth training need assessment and develop the training plan
- Develop training modules for stakeholders
- Develop train the trainer modules and create master trainers
- Develop the mechanism for reinforcement and ensuring the knowledge translates into the job being done
- Conduct the trainings if and as required
- Monitor and analyze outcomes
Email your application to careers@avanthafoundation.org specifying the title of position applied for in the subject line.

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