MBA Freelancer | HR Consulting Assignment at K & J Projects Pvt Ltd, Nagpur

K & J Project Pvt Ltd. is a growing multi-disciplinary consulting services provider with an expertise in Transport Infrastructure – especially Highways and Railways sectors. The company has a manpower of 200+ engineers and an order book of more than INR 100 Cr over the next 3 years. 
Company wants to substantially improve its organizational processes with the help of a freelance consultant or a consulting company. This is a company which understands it needs to change NOW for future growth and the founders are willing to put in their best efforts for the same. The efforts required and expectations from a consultant are articulated in the attached file. 
Needless to say, for a hands-on consultant, this is a great opportunity with an enormous impact potential.
Detailed Brief:

Given the current growth phase and aspiration, company wishes to launch an intra-company project – “Project Disha”. With an endeavour to take up various new initiatives under Project Disha with a fresh perspective company’s current operations, aspirations and future roadmap.

Project Disha will encompass 2 broad modules:

1. Organization Module

2. Strategy Module

Through this document, we solicit your interest as ”Consultant” in the “Organization Module” of Project Disha.

Following key objectives for the Organization Module:

a. Review and re-design organization structure best suited for rapid growth of the company. Review and propose:

i. Hierarchy, Designations & reporting structure

ii. Promotion Policy

iii. Task allocation, coordination and supervision process

iv. Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) at each level and role for executing work/ projects

b. Institutionalize formal appraisal system

i. Define parameters for every employee (current or future) on which

ii. Institutionalize systems to conducting appraisals – including appraisal he/she will be appraised. forms, schedule, feedback forms, mode of appraisal discussion

iii. Develop process to track employee performance (apart from formal appraisal forms)\

c. Management Information System

i. Design MIS for effective coordination with Head Office, Branches, Site

ii. Design of Internal / External communication system

d. Formulate recruitment and training policies

i. Design specific job descriptions for each role

ii. Develop process for recruitment and training

e. Set up a strong accounting system to seamlessly capture and review costs

i. Design expenditure sanctioning system

ii. Design system for monitoring financial parameters

iii. Design MIS for tracking costs and process for MIS review and corrective

f. Other

i. Modernize Company website

ii. Design email template

iii. Design of letterheads, visiting cards

iv. Design of stationery for use of engineering & management staff Office and Field Teams actions thereon.

If you are interested to partner with this company in their journey towards greater excellence and scale,

Please send your interest along with recent resume or statement of capability to '' with subject line : Proposal Submission Interest for K & J Projects, Nagpur 

We may discuss a more detailed scope of work, timelines and compensation at a schedule convenient to both the companies.


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