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This week we bring news about IIM community's involvement in the world of startups:

  1. IIM-A starts its flagship event of ‘How to Start A Startup’ : “How to Start a Startup is a flagship lecture series from successful entrepreneurs covering each and every important aspect of starting-up, and the life an entrepreneur leads. More details at and lectures are posted on YouTube at 
  2. Blog "Raising the bar for entrepreneurship in India" by Mr. Nitin Seth : Startup ecosystem in India is continuously in the news. Sharing my latest blogpost where I talk about some of the challenges facing startups in India and 5 key shifts Indian entrepreneurs need to make to build more sustainable business models. More details at 
  3. Executive program in digital and social media marketing strategy : IIM Calcutta in association with announces the second batch of executive program in digital and social media marketing strategy, more details at 
  4. IIM Bangalore holds entrepreneurship meet : The event was organised by the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Cell (ENI) of IIM Bangalore. 

    The event saw startups, corporates and colleges coming together to discuss a range of topics around innovation, the event organisers said.

    The theme for this year’s Eximius event was ‘Kickstart and Fly,’ urging everyone to imbibe the spirit of entrepreneurship, at a time when Indian businesses are making an effort to transition from low cost to IP-led providers. More details at 

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